Millpond Records & Books

Millpond Records & Books is a family-run store.  Located in the heart of Hespeler Village, we provide a unique shopping experience which is low-key and pleasant. We pride ourselves in being the antithesis of the big-box store: our staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about the products we sell.

MillpondRB carries hundreds of brand-new vinyl titles, often at lower prices than main-stream  music retailers. As well, we delight in special orders to find you that special LP: we can order from catalogs of many thousands of records, CDs, and DVDs.

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Why not peruse the thousands of records that is manna to the music-fan looking to find something truly rare and unique? Looking for a 1960s Beatles pressing from around the world? We have several. How about a pressing limited to 300 copies worldwide? We have it.

Analog Rocks

In this digital age Millpond Records & Books still proudly, almost defiantly, flies the analog flag. It’s not because the Hood-Morris family is contrarian or behind the times. It is because we feel that even though the digital revolution has given us much convenience, there is something that analog experience gives us which cannot be replicated, no matter how many ones and zeroes are used. The sound is richer, fuller and physically present.

Spin the Black Circle

The past half-decade in which MillpondRB has been operating at its Queen St. West location has seen an incredible resurgence in the vinyl long-player record. Of course, to some music aficionados (Greg being one for sure), vinyl never went away. It was augmented with digital for sure, but records have always been an integral part of many a musical journey, stretching back across the decades. 

Every Book is an Adventure

Despite rumours to the contrary, the book is alive and kicking. We read them on the beach, we read them on the bus, we read them in the bath … and batteries are NOT required! Books never need upgrading or re-charging. Books will always be the best format for long-term storage of wisdom, humour and fantasy. We recommend picking up a book every day. 

Shopping at midnight?

We list most of our records & books on our website. To order: you can order directly from  online, or contact us via email, phone, or social media. You can choose shipping or in-store pick-up.  Whatever fits, we will work with you.

Thanks for helping us keep records & books alive.
Analog is real. It’s really here.

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The quaint riverside village of Hespeler is located at the Northern tip of Cambridge Ontario, send us an email for more information.

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